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Ford  Mustang 2 Door Coupe details

Ford Mustang 2 Door Coupe

The Ford Mustang was introduced in 1964. Based on the very basic Ford Falcon mechanicals the car was never intended to be in production up to today. It was an overnight sensation. Ford had literally unleashed a beast. The American public and press went wild for the car.

Ford had to revamp their sales expectations and ramp up production to cope with demand.  People were prepared to wait for this car and almost overnight it became the legend it is today. It was easy to tune and was the archetypal street racer of its day. Ford have recently re introduced the Mustang to the UK and it is sold out for the next few years. It is also the most requested rental car in the US today.

Our car was a complete restoration project when we bought it. Over the past 6 months we have restored this car in its entirety. It is resplendent in Highland Green with Black Vinyl upholstery. Its engine is the rare 3.3 Litre Straight 6 with 3 speed manual transmission.  Arguably the rarest of its type in 2 door notchback form. A delightful standard car and very economical to run.

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